Talent Concept

Nowadays the competition among enterprises is, in the final analysis, the competition for talents. The talent concept that the company sets up and the talents that it employs define the success or failure of the company. Since its foundation, Mizuda has always adhered to the “people-oriented” management philosophy which has become the driving force behind the continuous development and growth of the company for decades.

  • Talent Concept

  • Mizuda’s Concept of Talent Selection

  • Mizuda’s Concept of Talent Employment

  • Mizuda’s Concept of Talent Cultivation

  • Mizuda’s Concept of Talent Retention

  • “Select talents by morality, employ talents by competence, cultivate talents as needed, and retain talents with sincerity.”
  • “A virtuous man will be put on the upper position.” We believe that an employee with good professional ethics and quality will surely find a platform to display his skills in Mizuda. “Virtue” is our first criteria to assess talent quality.
  • We believe that knowledge can be gained through learning, and experience can be improved through practice. Mizuda emphasizes people’s competence rather than educational qualification. Competencies include, but are not limited to, the ability to drive things, the ability to focus on things, the ability to make impacts, and the ability to lead subordinates or the team to work in close collaboration.
  • A century-old enterprise will spend a hundred years in cultivating talents. Mizuda’s employees are the most valuable treasure of our company. Before employed, talents should be cultivated first. We are committed to continuously cultivating compound talents and professional talents for the development of the company, and also provide a good platform for the development of employees’ personal career.
  • We pursue the talent retention strategy of “retaining talents with emotions, career development, and culture”.

Team Construction

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