Since its founding in June 1993 as a small textile factory, Mizuda Group has constantly transformed, modernized and blazed new trails with a pioneering spirit. It has grown into a large private enterprise group with environmental protection & waste management as its backbone, and financial investment & health and leisure industry as its two wings. By the end of 2019,the Group has 16 core first-tier subsidiaries (1 listed company), 176 second-tier subsidiaries, and 3 closely-affiliated investment-holding companies that have combined to form a network of corporate organizations. Among them, there are 8 National High-tech Enterprises, 1 National Technical Center, and 1 Provincial High-tech R&D Centers.

  • 16

    16 first-tier subsidiaries

  • 176

    176 second-tier subsidiaries

  • 500

    China top 500 private manufacturing enterprises


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