Shan Jianming

Dear Friends,

Welcome to Mizuda!

It is my great pleasure to extend my greetings to you. Your supports has always been our motivation.

Founded in 1993 as a small hosiery factory, we have stuck to the core values of “aspire to go beyond, spirit of contract, openness and inclusiveness, achievement-sharing” for more than two decades. We went step by step, concentrating and dedicating. Starting from a new-born small hosiery factory, we have been constantly transforming, upgrading and blazing new trails in a pioneering spirit. It has grown into a large private enterprise group with solid waste recycling industry as the mainstay, financial investment & health and leisure industry as the two wings. Mizuda's share (Stock No. 002034) has been listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2004.In September 2017, Zhejiang Wangneng Environment Protection Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Mizuda Group, was successfully listed through major asset restructuring and the listed company “Zhejiang Mizuda Printing and Dyeing Group Co., Ltd.” was renamed as “Wangneng Environment Co., Ltd.” It marked the beginning of a new phase of Mizuda in environmental industry.

Thanks to the care and support from superior leaders, business partners and friends, as well as the diligence, solidarity and hard work of Mizuda's staff, we manage to make these achievements.

Therefore, we feel deeply grateful and are devoted to the industry, using our professional advantages to undertake the development mission of “creating a better life”. In the future, Mizuda will adhere to “Two Mountains Theory” and low-carbon environmental protection and sustainable development, return to society for their attention, strive to develop enterprises larger, stronger and sustainable and make contributions to the local and national development as well.

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